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Konrad Dworakowski?s Mikrokosmos [Microcosm] will be presented three times at the International Theatre Festival of Performances for Children ?Gavrosh? in Moscow on 2-3 October 2015. This year?s edition of the Festival is dedicated exclusively to Poland. Aside from the Wrocław Pantomime Theatre, Moscow will host performances by theatres from Poznań, Białystok, Toruń and Warsaw. Mikrokosmos, czyli historia o niepokornej i odważnej Calineczce [Microcosm, or the story of the rebellious and courageous Thumbelina] is the single show representing the city of Wrocław at the Festival.


The ?Gavrosh? Festival is an international theatre festival, and a major event of its kind in Russia. The Festival presents some of the best productions for children audiences, with each of its editions devoted to a different country.


– We are united by a common history, having developed art aimed at children and the new generation of parents for the past 10 years. We hope this will contribute to the stability of the Polish-Russian relations in the future. Poland was not an accidental choice as a country which had been part of the Warsaw Pact for decades, and whose art did retain an enviable degree of internal freedom, a sense of humour, and a great deal of sensitivity despite the country?s social and economic hardships. These qualities have been preserved in the post-transformation Poland, says Teresa Durova, Artistic Director of the Festival. 


The Wrocław Pantomime Theatre company is currently working on another project directed by Konrad Dworakowski. The premiere of the performance titled Hydrokosmos [Hydrocosm] based on The Little Mermaid is scheduled for November 2015.  


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