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On 24 and 25 January (7 p.m.) theGrotowskiInstitute in Wrocław (Laboratory Theatre Space,Rynek-Ratusz 27)presents the premiere of a performanceby Anna Krotoskaand Alexandra Kazazou.Linatenduis a story about a critical point in life. About the calm before the… About rebellion, absurd, sadness and everyday life after a loss. Does one equal a million? Does a single death weigh as much as one multiplied inn TV news? Is memory a blessing or a curse?Based on Fabric Melquiot’sL’inattenduin Wioletta Kaczmaryn’s translation and Anna Krotoska’s own writings.

Next shows: 31 January and 1 February (7 pm).

Performer:Anna Krotoska
Director:Alexandra Kazazou
Dramaturgy:Alexandra Kazazou, Anna Krotoska
Music:Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou, Daniel Han
Scenography, lighting:Karol Jarek
Duration: 50′

Anna Krotowskagraduated from the Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Wrocław. As a teenager she attended workshops with Grzegorz Bral and Anna Zubrzycka. Then, for 12 years, she honed her acting craft at Song of the Goat Theatre, where she was in Song of the Goat:A Dithyramb,Chronicles: A LamentationandLacrimosa. Together with Song of the Goat she toured internationally, including Taiwan (the National Theatre in Taipei) and the US (New York’s La Mamma and UCLA festival). She performed twice at the Edinburgh Fringe, where, in 2004, the pieceChronicles: A Lamentationgarnered the Scotsman Fringe First award, a Herald Angel, and the Best International Show award. For years, she has been sharing her experiences, teaching in Song of the Goat Theatre’s MA Acting programme delivered in collaborations with the Manchester Metropolitan University, and leading theatre workshops for adults and youth in Poland and abroad. Seeking new challenges, she trained as a family mediator. She is also a member of Mamatucada, a Brazilian-style percussion group, where she plays the surdo (bass drum).

Alexandra Kazazouwas born in Wrocław, Poland. She is half-Greek, half-Polish and studied acting at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She worked as an actor in the North National Theatre and co-founded Asypka, a theatrical group based in Athens. She first encountered physical theatre in a workshop with the Song of the Goat Theatre during her studies and in 2009 she went to Wrocław to enter the MA in Acting course with the Song of the Goat Theatre in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University. Currently, she is a member of Studio Matejka in the Grotowski Institute, with whom she developed and performs in the solo pieceCharmolypi. She is also a member of the Odra Ensemble, which collaborates with the Song of the Goat Theatre, and of Jubilo in Wrocław. Her main interest of research is the function of chorus in Greek tragedy and the connection with the daily chorus of life and ensemble work. A significant inspiration and life experience was her expedition to the Guantanamo Bay base in Cuba. She is a certified teacher of Ashtanga Yoga and teaches Ancient Greek tragedy at the University of Wrocław (ISKIO), Mediterranean Studies Department.

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