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September will see new events held under the umbrella of Laboratory of Movement – European Capital of Culture 2016 in Wrocław. On 5 September Anna Królica will give a lecture Projekt niemożliwy Piny Bausch: uobecnić wspomnienie [Pina Bausch’s project impossible: giving presence to a memory]. The critic will show how Pina Bausch handled past in her subsequent works. The lecture, to be held at the Impart hall (ul. Mazowiecka 17), will be illustrated with documentary films and performances.

On 7 September Krzysztof “Leon” Dziemaszkiewicz and Anna Steller will present Strefa zagrożenia[Danger Zone] inspired by Sarah Kane’s play Blasted at the Centre of Artistic Initiatives (Centrum Inicjatyw Artystycznych, ul. Tęczowa 79/81). On 18-21 September, Simon Tanguy will conduct classes as part of his residency stay in Wrocław at the Centre of Artistic Initiatives. The French choreographer and performer, graduate of the School for New DanceDevelopment (SNDO) in Amsterdam, has worked a practice incorporating his various personal experiences (circus, philosophy).

Learn more about the events:

Anna Królica’s lecture Projekt niemożliwy Piny Bausch: uobecnić wspomnienie [Pina Bausch’s project impossible: giving presence to a memory].

Anna Steller, Krzysztof “Leon” Dziemaszkiewicz in Strefa Zagrożenia [Danger Zone]

Skrypty z codzienności [Scripts of Everyday Life] – Simon Tanguy’s residency

Laboratory of Movement[Laboratorium ruchu] is a project realised as part of the European Capital of Culture 2016 programme (curator: Adam Kamiński). It brings together many institutions and communities, including the Impart 2016 Festival Office, Institute of Music and Dance, Centrum Inicjatyw Artystycznych [Centre of Artistic Initiatives], Wroclaw Mime Theatre, Momentum Association of Creative Initiative, ARTEO Association, as well as a range of ensembles and individual artists, dance theoreticians and critics, and organisations dealing with the culture of movement in its broadest sense. The project is to conclude in 2016.

Laboratory of Movement is an appeal to Wroclaw’s common imagination: the dancing activities, lectures, performances, and improvised dancing in urban spaces will trigger new interpretations of Wrocław’s past and present, and suggest new ways of approaching the art of motion, of urban space, and of urban choreography. The project’s objective is also to explore new areas embraced by contemporary choreography and dance theatre, propagating the work of Pina Bausch and Henryk Tomaszewski, two great personalities linked with Wrocław in different ways. The Laboratory aims to build an open platform for artists originating in different cultures and utilising expressive artistic language.

ORGANISED BY: Impart 2016 Festival Office,European Capital of Culture 2016

PARTNER: Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw

Supported financially by the Culture Unit of the Wrocław City Hall

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