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Matejka will show their solos directed by the studio’s founder Matej Matejka at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław (Rynek Ratusz 27, Labaratorium Theatre Space).

Gema Galiana’s The Woman Decomposed (22-24 September, 7 pm) is inspired by Livro do desassossego por Bernardo Soares by Fernando Pessoa and Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf:

The woman in The Woman Decomposed

breaks down and builds up again and again.
She is built and destroyed without acceptance or rejection;

she observes herself looking at the mirror of her loneliness.

The woman in The Woman Decomposed

breaks down and builds up again and again –
­– for pleasure, pain, disappointment, rebellion, love and freedom.

Alexandra Kazazou’s Charmolympi (24 & 25 September, 8 pm & 7 pm, respectively) is made of the performer’s personal stories told through the body. Where words fail, the story of the body is born. It contains the missing pieces of yourself that can be used to pull yourself out of an existential crisis, out of the zero point of existence – to return to yourself, to life or death.

The performance is a sort of map charting the thoughts of a woman who struggles with the uncertainty of what is a dream and what is her failure to understand herself in the real world. The Greek word “charmolypi” encompasses the duality at the root of human experience. Loosely translated, it means “bittersweet” or “joyful sorrow”. On a more earthly level, elderly people are often said to have charmolypi because of their accumulation of experience.

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Gema GalianaThe Woman Decomposed

Alexandra KazazouCharmolypi

Studio Matejka is a physical theater laboratory exploring 21st century performance techniques that specifically work across borders: borders between performance genres, borders between training techniques, and borders between individual expression and collective resonance. Through practical investigation, the performers work to develop the strength, agility and dexterity to physically “speak” through a diverse range of ideas, images and vocabularies. Studio Matejka does not work to create something “other” to existing performance approaches and training regimes, rather it uses such established methods as a springboard for pedagogic and creative exploration, charting individual discoveries, drawing out patterns and/or contradictions and integrating these findings into its ongoing work.

The Studio is led by Matej Matejka and composed of 8 performers from 7 countries. Additionally, the Studio is regularly accompanied by external affiliates.Vivien Wood (UK), Sarie Mairs Slee (UK/USA), and Milan Kozanek (SK) assistthe leader in the psychophysical research. Ditte Berkeley (DK/UK) and Jarosław Fret (PL)lead music training and supervises music composition; Bryan Brown (USA) collaborates on the dramaturgy of the performances.The academic team of the Studio is supervised by Sarie Mairs Slee (USA) assisted by Torbjorn Oppedal (NOR) and Ragnhild Freng Dale (NOR), who record, contextualize and inform the laboratory research. The Studio’s film and documentary team is comprised of Adam Hanuljak (SK), Peter Kotrha (SK) and Karol Jarek (PL). Altogether the Studio embraces nineteen artistic collaborates from eleven countries.

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