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Two solo performances performed by actors of Studio Matejka will open “Solo Situations” – a programme of short theatre pieces starting this Friday at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław (Laboratory Theatre Space, Rynek-Ratusz 27). Various theatre genres – from classical monodrama, through dance theatre and multimedia performances – will be presented. The programme ends in mid-March.

The first-night performances by actresses of Matejka Studio – Alexandra Kazazou and Gema Galiana will open “Solo Situations”. On Friday and Saturday (1 and 2 February, 7.00 pm) Charmolypi and The Woman Decomposed will be presented. Both performances were created by Studio Matejka – physical theatre laboratory exploring various body expression techniques. Charmolypi is a map of thoughts of a woman dealing with uncertainty and lack of identity. The actress uses her body to expresses emotions that words cannot describe. The term “Chanolypi” means in Greek “joyful sadness” and refers to duality which is the source of any human experience. The Woman Decomposed presents a lonely woman whose psyche is breaking down and building up again and again. She looks for her place in the world, accepting herself and the tragedy of loneliness, contradiction and discontent which torment her.

Charmolypi and The Woman Decomposed will be presented on Friday and Saturday (1 and 2 February), the first at 7.00 pm and the latter at 8 pm at the Laboratory Theatre Space (Rynek-Ratusz 27). The tickets can be booked by phone or email:, phone no. 71 34 45320 and can be purchased by Biletin and – if available – one hour before the performance. More information:

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