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On Sunday, 28 October, the Zawirowania Dance Theatre will Real Love choreographed by Daniel Abreu. The piece will be performed as part of the FIND Festival Internazionale Nuova Danza in Sardinia. The performance will also be presented in Warsaw on Wednesday 31 October within the Studio Dance Stage cycle. On the occasion of its performance in Sardinia, the company would like to relive this past year and reminisce about the venues it has visited to date.


2018 has been exceptionally rich in events featuring the Zawirowania Dance Theatre. It began with the company?s performances at two festivals (Zelyonka Fest Festival/Ukraine, PlaStforma/Belarus), where the ZDT has presented Back Up.


The summer season has traditionally been a time of intense preparation for the Zawirowania Dance Theatre. The piece Wybieg (Catwalk) (a duo by Szymon Osiński and Elwira Piorun choreographed by Karolina Kroczak) has been presented at two international festivals in Israel and Korea. In July, three company dancers participated in a two-week residency in Dures, Albania, where they began to work on a new collaboration with the Navdhara India Dance Theatre. The ZDT performance in Korea took place in August and was part of a larger project developed as part of the ?Cultural Bridges? program, organized by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.


In early October, the company travelled to Armenia to perform at the HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival, where it presented Zbliżenia (Close-ups). The second half of the month belonged to the male dancers of the company, who performed in Black Out in Tirana, choreographed by Bartek Woszczyński. The performance was held during the Albania Dance Meeting Festival, and was the last piece presented as part of the ZDT?s tour of South-Eastern European trip.


In September, the Zawirowania Dance Theatre collaborated with the Navdhara India Dance Theatre in Warsaw, where they worked towards the premiere of The Crossing, which was first presented on 16 September at the Zawirowania Centre in Belwederska 20/22 in Warsaw. Towards the end of November, the piece will have its Indian premiere, as the company is preparing for its tour of the subcontinent.


In mid-November, Warsaw will also host the residency of the French photographer Didier Therona, who will co-develop the new project of the Zawirowania Dance Theatre.  


About Real Love:


A mystery of birth, passing, and death, performed by three women of different ages. What does true love mean to them? Perhaps it is a mother?s feeling towards her child. How does a woman feels as a mother? What does she feel when someone among her near and dear dies? Love and death are two threads that resurface throughout Real Love and impact each other at every moment. Being a mother and being near death. Real Love is a form of a choreographic poem filled with poetic symbolism and near-metaphysical significance..


Choreography: Daniel Abreu

Cast: Ilona Gumowska, Elwira Piorun, Izabela Prokopek

Lighting design: Witold Kaczkowski



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