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On 29 April Galeria BWA in Zielona Gora (al. Niepodległości 19) will host the performance of the butoh artist TO-ENand musician Timo Viialainen (7 pm). In their performance, the artists will confront the place, sound and audience. In TO-EN’s words, the performance is “… order in disperse. Harmless disturbances born in the brisk exchange between body and space. Collision – agitation – resistance. Interruption – tumult – surprise. TO-EN’s performance is a meeting with butoh dance. A genre still new for the audience and still surprising by its different means of expression. Breaking with all the unambiguous categorization, butoh disturbs the present forms and redefines conditions of artistic exchange”.

Concept, performing body:TO-EN

Audiosphere:Timo Viialainen (Finland)


The project was financed by the City of Gdansk under the Cultural Scholarship Programme of the City of Gdansk.


TO-ENis a butoh dancer. Between 2005-2009 she was a disciple of SU-EN, a butoh artist, choreographer and artistic director of the SU-EN Butoh Company in Sweden. In 2009, TO-EN made her solo debut in Stockholm with the dance performance White – bialy. This solo was a starting point for TO-EN Butoh Company, currently based in Poland, Gdansk. TO-EN (meaning in Japanese “Earth-Garden”, “Earthy Garden”), is the dancer’s artistic name.

Timo Viialainenis a Helsinki-based sound, performance and video artist. He has performed extensively in Europe and Northern America. Member of “Lá-bas”, a forum for experimental arts operating in Finland. During its 11 year existence, “Lá-bas” has organized over 80 events in Finland and abroad and has contributed significantly to the Finnish field of performance art, sound art and forms of live art experiments which lack any clear definition.

When and where you can see DISTURBANCES*in Poland 2013:

18 May 2013, Gdansk: CSW Łaźnia. The Long Night of Museums

7 September 2013 (6 pm), Elblag: Centrum Sztuki – Galeria El, ul. Kuśnierska 6

12 October 2013 (5.30 pm) Gorzow Wielkopolski: Miejski Ośrodek Sztuki – Galeria Sztuki Najnowszej, ul. Pomorska 73

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