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The Baltic Dance Theatre was founded on 1 March 2010, replacing the ballet group of the Baltic Opera. Ballet traditions in Gdańsk date back to 1753, when impresario Ackermann was granted the right to run a theatre and present operas and ballet pantomimes. Initially, performances took place in the building of the Fencing School; later in the theatre at Targ Węglowy. In 1788 Gdańsk ballet suspended its activities. In 1915 construction of a new building – Tattersaal – was completed. After the Second World War Gdańsk ballet was revived at the Baltic Opera and Philharmonic. In 1954 the first ballet premiere after the war, Glazunov’s The Seasons took place. Gdańsk ballet was re-created by professor Janina Jarzynówna-Sobczak (1949–1976), who also founded ballet school in Gdańsk. The group’s directors were: Gustaw Klauzner (1976–1988), Walery Niekrasow (1988–1992), Bożena Kociołkowska (1992–1993), Bronisław Prądzyński (1993–1996), Andrzej Marek Stasiewicz (1996–1999), Sławomir Gidel (1999–2007), Anna Krzyśków (February 2008), Roman Komassa (since March 2008). In 1973–1982 the building at Al. Zwycięstwa, current base for the opera, was rebuilt.

In 2010, the Baltic Dance Theatre was separated from the Baltic Opera. Izadora Weiss, choreographer and founder of the group, became its artistic director.

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