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Zdjęcie: Bronisław Aubrecht Prądzyński

Janina Jarzynówna-Sobczak and Bronisław Aubrechtem Prądzyński. Photo: Katarzyna Grucela

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Bronisław Aubrecht-Prądzyński graduated from the National Ballet School in Gdańsk in 1958 and was immediately engaged as a dancer and later as the soloist of the ballet company led by Janina Jarzynówna-Sobczak in the Baltic State Opera (currently Baltic Opera). In 1972 he ended his stage career and continued fostering his love for ballet by becoming the director of National Ballet School in Gdańsk in the same year.


He worked at the National Ballet School in Gdańsk until 2017. During his term of office, he introduced numerous original and valuable initiatives that increased the Schools level of education. He was also responsible for reviving the Polish National Dance Competition. Thanks to his efforts, the Polish National Dance Competition functions since 1990 as a biannual event, well recognised in the field of Polish ballet. As for other achievements, Bronisław Aubrecht-Prądzyński was also responsible for thorough reconstruction and modernisation of the National Ballet School.


For many years, Bronisław Aubrecht-Prądzyński held the membership of the Council for Artistic Education to the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Following the Minister of Culture and National Heritage directive, in 2017 Prądzyński was granted the Gold Medal for Merit to Culture Gloria Artis.


Other achievements:


–  In 1975-2017, Bronisław Aubrecht-Prądzyński was organising summer courses for in-service teachers that enhanced the integration of the Polish ballet dance community; the courses encompassed classical ballet, stylised dance and contemporary dance.


– He introduced audiovisual effects and devices into the everyday educational practice of the School. Since 1975, the students and teachers were accompanied by a video camera and a VHS player, making their everyday work more varied and more effective. At that time, the introduction and usage of audiovisual devices was a highly innovative endeavour.


– Thanks to him, the National Ballet School in Gdańsk was the first to create an audiovisual studio, that soon developed into an impressive video library, consisting of the Schools own recordings, as well as ballet programs and ballet films recorded by TV stations from Poland and abroad.


– In 1984 he organised the first of many editions of the Gdynia Ballet Evenings that were held at the Danuta Baduszkowa Musical Theatre in Gdynia. Gdynia Ballet Evenings allowed broad audiences to encounter the most interesting choreographies created by famous ballet artists. They also staged numerous thrilling choreographic debuts.


– Together with the founder of the International Dance Festival Dance of the World in 1991 Bożena Kociołkowska, Bronisław Aubrecht-Prądzyński made the National Ballet School in Gdańsk a co-organiser of this amazing dance event that gathered circa 300 participants: talented students from various ballet schools, teachers, famous ballet artists from all over the world.


– Founded the so called Dancers House in Gdańsk (Hotel Dom Tancerza), which hosted the most  renowned representatives of Polish and European culture, such as Maja Plisiecka, John Neumaier, Boris Eifman, Jerzy Maksymiuk, Bogusław Kaczyński,  Wojciech  Wiesiołłowski.




I have held the chair of the executive and artistic director of the National Ballet School in Gdańsk for 45 years a period of time unimaginable for most people. I have, however, used this extraordinary time, rich in numerous wonderful moments, to the full, and turned it into my personal success and fulfilment. When I look at my life from the distance I see clearly that all that I have achieved was propelled by my love for ballet, diligence and passion the seeds of which have been planted in me by my wise teachers.


B. Aubrecht-Prądzyński


Janina Jarzynówna-Sobczak z Bronisławem Aubrechtem Prądzyńskim. Fot. Katarzyna Grucela
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