Zdjęcie: COINSPIRATION Dance Theatre

Myśli..., chor. Adrian Rzetelski. Fot. Maciej Zakrzewski.

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The COINSPIRATION Dance Theatre [Teatr Tańca KOINSPIRACJA] was founded in 2009 in Poznań by three experienced choreographers, previously engaged with the Polish Dance Theatre, and young artists looking to work out their own language of artistic expression. For a couple of years now, the company has been working on dance and performance projects, along with holding cyclical classes and training workshops on contemporary dance techniques for experienced and beginner dancers.

The company’s mission is to promote and help the development of contemporary dance in Poland, in Europe and around the world, as well as to produce performances, hold theatrical and dance workshops, and to integrate artistic circles. COINSPIRATION is a free space where individual experiences of its members may clash, both as regards theatrical practice and personal past. This artistic tumult generates productions that largely composed of human tissue interlaced with social relations.

The company is currently lead by Adrian Rzetelski. In 2013 Coinspiration became a legal person, and may now  implement the artistic objectives stipulated in its articles of association.

The repertoire:

– Kontakty-Inspiracje [Contacts-Inspirations], choreography by Adrian Rzetelski, Bartłomiej Raźnikiewicz, Piotr Chudzicki, 2010

– Droga [Road], choreography by Piotr Chudzicki, 2011

– Nic do powiedzenia [Nothing to Say], choreography by Paulina Grochowska, 2011

– Chochoły [Straw Men], choreography by Adrian Rzetelski, 2011

– [], choreography by Adrian Rzetelski, 2012

– Wieczór polski [Polish Evening], choreography by Adrian Rzetelski, 2012

Myśli [Thoughts], choreography by Adrian Rzetelski, 2012

Affiliated with the company, the Coinspiration Dance Studio [Koinspiracyjne Studio Tańca] delivers a variety of classes and workshops. To learn more about the offerings, go to the company’s website.

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