Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER

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Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER

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The Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER has been organised since 2012 by the Kraków Dance Theatre and the Nowohuckie Culture Centre. It acts as a showcase of contemporary dance, with a special preference to contemporary dance theatre enriched with different forms of improvisation. It is addressed to dance enthusiasts, theoreticians and practitioners but – first and foremost – to the general public. It is a fantastic way to spend the May Day long weekend, adding up to the list of attractions offered by the city of Kraków to its residents and tourists. Thanks to the universality of dance as a form of communication, the festival is equally appealing to Poles and foreigners. The programme includes shows, workshops and accompanying events. The attractions’ venue is the Nowohuckie Culture Centre.

The festival’s name – SPACER, which translates as “a walk”, is a direct reference to its goals and format. The festival offers space for dance, both in its artistic and theoretical aspect. It embraces dance performances, but also film screenings, lectures, academic contributions, and exchange of experiences between creators of the art of dance. The festival is a walk across different forms of contemporary dance, including such genres as dance theatre, improvisation, conceptual dance. It is also a trip to ordinary urban spaces, seemingly untheatrical, where you can encounter dance as well. The festival opens up to novel forms of “serving” dance, to mixing it and merging with urban reality.

The 2012 programme included performances from Anna Piotrowska and Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, Dominika Knapik, Kraków Dance Theatre, 3…2…1…TANIEC [3… 2… 1… DANCE] competition award-winners, as well as joint contemporary dance workshops  C I A Ł O W A N I E [BODYING], which embraced creation of space, contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and contact improvisation. The workshops were run by Anna Piotrowska, Anna Krysiak and Jacek Owczarek.

The second edition of the festival is scheduled for the May Day long weekend, i.e. 1-3 May 2013.



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