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DanceLab is a dance company founded by Małgorzata Mielech and Zofia Jakubiec, former long-standing dancers of the Polish Dance Theatre. Their comprehensive dance education and professional experience gained at the Polish Dance Theatre, along with individual efforts bring their skills to the highest level, has enabled the founders of DanceLab the outlook and dance technique needed to implement original dance projects. Throughout their careers, they remained open to influences by the most important figures and trends in world-class contemporary dance, while continually seeking their own choreographic aesthetics and working methods in dance theatre. The turning point on their careers came with their stays in Israel and the opportunity to collaborate with local dance artists. The forms of expression learnt in Israel are strongly reflected in their choreographies, giving evidence to their fascination with the possibilities offered to professional dancers by GaGa, the choreographic language created by Ohad Naharin.

DanceLab is also an artistic laboratory, where movement, body and emotions are confronted with existing definitions of contemporary dance, and may transcend them.

The companys repertoire is constituted by three pieces, all having been shown internationally (e.g. in Israel and Germany) and at home in Poland. The latest, called Anonymous, choreographed by Małgorzata Mielech, debuted in June 2014 at Pawilon Nowej Gazowni in Poznań. The multidimensional piece fuses street art, dance, live electronic music, and mapping.

DanceLabs previous pieces Sababa, choreographed by Małgorzata Mielech and Zofia Jakubiec, and We bleed the same color, choreographed by Shi Pratt both premiered in June 2013 at the Polski Theatre in Poznań.

Invited by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw and Berlins MicaMoca, the founders of DanceLab took part in an art residency programme in Berlin, coming up with a piece called NILREB (premiere: Uferstudios, Berlin, 2013).

DanceLab is also behind the DanceLabirynth art meetings held in Poland and Germany since 2013. Unpredictable by design, DanceLabirynth brings together representatives of many different art forms who inspire each other, entering into or evading a dialog, thus giving each meeting a completely different content.

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