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Zdjęcie: Zofia Jakubiec

Zofia Jakubiec. Fot. z materiałów DanceLab.

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Zofia Jakubiec – she graduated from the Olga Sławska-Lipczyńska Secondary Ballet School (2007) and University of Arts/Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design (2012). In 2006–2012, she was a dancer of the Polish Dance Theatre; she collaborated with many choreographers, including: Ohad Naharin (Minus 2), Thierry Verger (Summer-Red Sun), Ewa Wycichowska (Football@, B@ttle Between Carnival And Lent), Paulina Wycichowska (Desert, Alexanderplatz), Andrzej Adamczak (Permanentnie przypadkowe) and Karolina Wyrwał (the Outline). She co-created Voracity with Małgorzata Mielech and Paweł Matyasik.

She co-created choreographies for the Atelier of the Polish Dance Theatre (Arhythmia) and for Dance Studio of PDT (Femina, the Water) as well as for student performances: Sleepwalker, Potulni. She designs clothes and theatre costumes (among others, for the following performances: 3×3, choreography by Agnieszka Błacha, Voracity, choreography by Paweł Matyasik. The Unknown, choreography by Paweł Malicki, Double Trouble, Outline, choreography by Karolina Wyrwał, Arhythmia, choreography Z. Jakubiec, T. Pomersbach).

She participated in many dance workshops abroad – including Gaga Intensive Course in Tel Aviv (summer and winter edition) – and in Poland, run by Anna Nowak (Wayne McGregor | Random Dance) and Janusz Subicz (former dancer of Pina Bausch). She took part in Couching Project with Maria Kong Dancers Company. She also gives classes for professional and amateur dancers, based on techniques of contemporary dance. She co-founded, together with Małgorzata Mielech, an independent artistic group DanceLab, where she co-creates choreographies and other artists projects.





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