FRU Festival: Polish Contact Improvisation Festival

Zdjęcie: FRU Festival: Polish Contact Improvisation Festival

FRU Festival: Polish Contact Improvisation Festival

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If you’re dancing physics, you’re dancing contact.

If you’re dancing chemistry, you’re doing something else.

Steve Paxton (1987)

The idea of FRU Festival is to explore and promote contact improvisation, or CI, a dance technique which emerged in the 1970s in the USA. FRU Festival focuses both on investigating the roots of CI, but also on promoting it as a dance technique based on concrete notions of dynamics, gravity, centrifugal force, weight, momentum and swing.


FRU Festival features well-known and appreciated Polish teachers. It is the only occasion to take part in their classes in their native land and a unique chance to form a common platform for exchanging experiences with other dance lovers.

FRU Festival is evolving with its every edition. As requested by the participants, it takes place twice a year. The spring edition is all about innovation through the merging of different art forms (e.g. Dance Video Projects). The autumn edition has an intensive programme of workshops, and gives the participants an immediate chance to put their newly acquired skills into practice during evening jam sessions to live music. Meeting the need to develop contact improvisation as a dance technique, the festival’s programme also includes workshops to help participants perfect their CI skills and give them a wider understanding of this method (e.g. on contemporary dance, dance improvisation, etc.)

The festival is a fully independent, non-profit event, financed exclusively by participants’ fees.


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