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The Institute of Music and Dance was established by Bogdan Zdrojewski, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, on 1st October 2010. Its creation was preceded by consultations and a three-month-long preparations of a development strategy in concert with Polish organisations and institutions active in the field of music and dance. The key task of the Institute is to act for the development of the music and dance culture in Poland.


The Institute looks into the operations of the dance and music sector in Poland, submits reports and suggestions and provides expert advice to the culture minister. It is also responsible for documenting and archiving, acts to enhance the quality of dance and music education in Poland, supports Polish cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations, and initiates new programmes in the filed of its activity. The Institute also takes part in the exchange of information and experiences between national and international music and dance organisations, organises workshops and training sessions, and commissions scientific research.


During the first year of its operations, the Institute focused mainly on the development of its thematic website as well as the preparation of a report on the state of music in Poland and specific regional reports on dance. Another crucial task of the Institute was to organise the 1st Music Convention in May 2011 and the 1st Dance Congress in April 2011. First specialist publications were also released in cooperation the Institute’s partners.


The Institute also established the Coryphaeus of Polish Music Award that honours prominent representatives of the Polish music community. The awards gala takes place every year on 1 October on the anniversary of the Institute’s establishment. Within the Institute there operates the Music Research and Education Lab which runs both research and promotional projects. The Institute carries out its own dance education activities and supports its partners in such initiatives.


The Institute’s Department of Dance and Department of Music each run their own programmes supporting the Polish dance and music communities. The Institute also co-hosts a range of artistic events across the country. 



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