Kalejdoskop Festival

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Kalejdoskop Festival has taken place since 2004 and presents various events from the area of contemporary dance, including performances, practical workshops and projects as well as interchangeably, various art workshops, such as photography, drawing and theoretical lectures. The performances are presented both in stage spaces, as well as outside theatres (Centrum Handlowe Alfa). The festival is organized by the Podlasie Dance Association and is led by Joanna Chitriuszko and Karolina Garbacik.

So far, artists including Mufmi Dance Theatre and Anna Piotrowska (Warsaw), Takado Matsuda (Japan/Warsaw), Vogue Dance Theatre (Gryfino), Grupa Przejściowa (Białystok), Soma Theatre (Toruń), Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre (Gdańsk), Good Girl Killer (Gdańsk), Maat Theatre (Lublin) as well as Marta Ladjanszki from Hungary and ZITA from Greece, have taken part in the festival.

Movement photographic workshops have been held by specialists such as Jarosław Cieślikowski and Jakub Wittchen, and theoretical workshops on dance by critics: Anna Królica, Witold Mrozek, Julia Hoczyk and Aleksandra Jatczak.



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