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KIJO project was launched by Michał Ratajski. This is a forum, a space for meeting, exchange of experiences, collaboration and action. The group uses various techniques of working with body and movement, such as improvisation, contact improvisation, physical dance, martial arts, parkour and others. The starting point for creating and exploring dance is curiosity. KIJO accepted a rule that each participant should bring something to the group and each can learn something from the group; while the common point is always movement. As the founder writes: What is important is the Meeting. Here and Now. Always and Everywhere.

Co-creator of Movin’ Łódź Association (the current KIJO’s base is PS Dance Company and AOIA in Łódź).




Mioklonis, Łódź 2011

DO (Droga), 2011

Actions / Projects:

P.B.C.R./6 Ekologie miejskie, project by the Museum of Art (MS) in Łódź, performance based on improvisation and contact improvisation. Video:

Wind Fall, at 100 DANCERS Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark), 2011:

Concrete Man – city space project, Łódź, 2011

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