Matecznik – Mazowsze. Karolin Folklore Centre

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Fot. z archiwum Mazowsza.

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Financed with funds provided by the Mazovia Provincial Government and supported by the European Regional Development Fund, a multi-functional facility, Matecznik Mazowsze – Folklore Centre was created. The centre has exceptional functional and aesthetic advantages which together with the latest technical solutions make possible to produce interesting large-scale projects in the fields of art, culture, education, conference and training.


Official opening of the hall (560 seats) took place on 17 October 2009.

The centre’s main purposes – apart from being training and workshop base for the Mazowsze folk group – include:


  • Educational and training activities in the form of courses and seminars related to Polish folklore and traditions of the Mazovia region, as well as traditions of other nations; training of cultural organizers, choreographers, dance instructors; traditional crafts, song, regional cuisine workshops,
  • Organization of concerts by other groups and artists, organization of Polish and international art festivals, production of TV programmes and films;
  • Enhancing the ties of the young generation with Polish culture;
  • Activation of the region (community, county, province) and local community to take part in cultural life;
  • Documentary and publishing activities in relation to local groups, folklore centres, ethnographic institutions (library, music library IT database on folklore authors and amateur movements);
  • Further development of the Mazowsze group;
  • Commercial activities including lease of spaces for conferences, training, business meetings and others.


An integral part of the centre is the Old Polish Tavern. The centre has three-star accommodation, consisting of 40 double rooms, and two 30 square meter conference halls.


The whole complex is fully adapted to the needs of disabled persons.

Total value of the project: PLN 59,055,565.70

Contribution of the European Union: PLN 39,189,744.10

Matecznik – Mazowsze. Karolin Folklore Centre

05-805 Otrębusy, ul. Świerkowa 2

Phone: 22 208 88 88





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