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MOVIN’ ŁÓDŹ Association was founded on 16 December 2010. It consists of (broadly understood) contemporary dance artists, choreographers, dancers, teachers and dance managers: Pracownia Fizyczna, Pro Dance Theatre, Alter Dance Theatre, SkłAd Group, Ananda, contact (Szarobarwni Szamani), KIJO, Łódź w Ruchu and Kino Tańca Foundation. The association continues to collaborate for the benefit of dance circles, raise funds, carry out joint projects and initiatives, support and promote projects run by individual entities or members of the association.


MOVIN’ ŁÓDŹ promotes contemporary dance in Łódź by production and presentation of performances, organization of workshops and other educational activities. MOVIN’ ŁÓDŹ focuses on development of individual entities and members of the Association through participation in various projects, but also it attempts to enhance the position of contemporary dance in Łódź and promote achievements of Łódź artists in Poland and abroad.


The aim of MOVIN’ ŁÓDŹ is to create a year-round dance programme in its joint seat. The association launched and developed a project to create the Centre of Contemporary Dance in Łódź, to allow regular work, as well as to present performances on a regular basis, carry out educational and social projects, promote dance intensively, invite outstanding authors and teachers from Poland and abroad, and to develop local circles by collaboration with artists, theatres and institutions from other cities.




The Association:

Pracownia Fizyczna

Alter Dance Theatre

Pro Dance Theatre

Łódź w Ruchu

GrUpa Skład



Kino tańca foundation

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