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Patrz Mi Na Usta (Read My Lips) Theatre came into being in 1995, founded by dancer and choreographer Krzysztof “Leon” Dziemaszkiewicz, former member of Expression Theatre. In 1997–2002 the group was based in Berlin where they produced Radio Meteaphisick (1999) and National Drag Queen. The latter was also presented after the Group’s return to Poland. Since 2002 in Sopot the theatre has operated as a group of collaborating friends-artists and consisted of: Bożena Eltermann (Teatr Cynada), Marek Kakareko, Anna Steller (Good Girl Killer), Bożena Zezula (LipZezRew).


The Theatre collaborated with other artists invited for particular projects: Milena Czernik (LipZezRew), Magdalena Jędra (former Plastique Dod, currently Good Girl Killer), Jacek Krawczyk (Okazjonalny Theatre), Magda Frąckiewicz, Krzysztof Czerny, Przemek Szalecki, Krystian Wolowski.


Patrz Mi Na Usta Theatre performances combine theatre, dance and performance art (body art). They always create evocative reality, having the features of hyper-realism. One of the main themes appearing in their performances is liquidity of gender identity, being constantly modified and transformed. Thus, the group’s activities are close to queer aesthetics.


The group’s performances are often recalling spectacular shows or focus around the body. They are of interdisciplinary character, combining music, visual art, dance, acting and other forms. Intensity of created pictures influences the emotions of the audience.

(source: dancedesk website).




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