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Sztuka Ciała

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In 2009 actors of movement theatre, in particular pantomime theatre, founded the Centrum Pantonimy (Pantomime Centre) foundation at the Warsaw Na Woli Theatre. The foundation was transformed into Fundacja Sztuka Ciała (Body Art Foundation).


The foundation’s main purpose is to launch, produce and support projects related to pantomime, body theatre and movement theatre. The most important goals include promotion and popularization of pantomime theatre and other forms of movement theatre. Education is for various age groups in the field of pantomime and other forms of theatre.


The foundation has organized regular workshops, eg Dialogue with Tomaszewski and produced the theatre installation Kobieta Kalendarz (presented, among others, at the Łódź Theatre Festival).


The foundation’s president is Katarzyna Markowska and the board consists of Joanna Płóciennik and Izabela Klimowicz.


Katarzyna Markowska – president of Foundation

Phone: 601 097 503,


Joanna Płóciennik – Board member

Phone: 783 368 076,


Izabela Klimowicz – Board member

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