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Teatr Nie-Taki Foundation

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Teatr Nie-Taki Foundation was founded in June 2009 by graduates and master’s students of Polish studies at the University of Wrocław, specializing in theatre studies, former members of the Student Theatre Studies Association Dalej. From its beginnings in the field of theatre studies, the group has turned to lesser known regions. The foundation’s president is Katarzyna Knychalska and vice-presidents are Marta Pulter and Aneta Brodowska.

The foundation’s Principles state as follows: We were travelling through artistic towns and villages to discover theatre which we missed on large stages. Equally important to performances were meetings – with the authors on stage, with the audience on journey, with ourselves. Searching for theatres we called “nie-taki” (not-like-these) – not like these popular, reviewed, promoted for the reasons we do not understand – became our passion. We wanted to discuss them, write about them, watch them, promote, and present them to the audience. It turned out, however, that there is no institution in Lower Silesia, which would integrate young theatre lovers. That’s how the idea of the Foundation was born.

The foundation’s activity has various forms: a quarterly Nietak-t, publishing articles on not-like-these theatres (niche, alternative, dance and physical forms of expression, from different cultural traditions). At the same time its founders try to speak up, why they do not like like-these theatres. As they say, they believe that the quarterly is a platform for discussion among young theatre scientists (and not only), who have not had such medium so far, and will be a new, independent and objective opinion of theatre critics.


The foundation organizes theatre and critics workshops, educational programmes for young people, collaborates on festivals (including Wrocław Movement Festival CYRKULACJE), seminars and debates. Its members plan to establish a stage in Wrocław Centre for Theatre Initiatives, where the young artists could experiment and which would assist development of foundation’s projects. In the future they also plan to create a theatre media library and extend educational activities.


As the founders say Teatr Nie-Taki Foundation is a place we created for ourselves, but which is also for all others who want to think “differently” about the theatre – as we like to think. That’s why we are open for ideas and partnering in projects.


 The foundation collaborates with: Marzena Gabryk-Ciszak, Joanna Gdowska, Jacek Jerczyński, Magdalena Joszko (Nietak-t quarterly), Katarzyna Łuczyńska, Magdalena Młynarczyk (addiction prevention in theatre performances), Agnieszka Feier, Agnieszka Kocińska, Emilia Militowska, Dorota Radwańska (Wrocław Movement Festival CYRKULACJE).

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