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U/LOI (Universal Law of Impermanence) was an independent group of collaborating artists, launched by dancer and choreographer Kaja Kołodziejczyk, which engaged in various artistic projects and improvisations in art galleries and post-industrial areas. The group worked with artists from various fields, including dance, visual arts and music. It dissolved in 2013; their last performance took place on 30 October 2013 as part of the Archive of the Body performance art programme at the ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań, Poland.


Members of U/LOI tried to focus the attention of their audiences on those elements of day-to-day reality which most often go unnoticed in usual perception. Body, movement, time, quasi-dance elements, organized by a visible or concealed principle, were being documented through film and photography. Next, they were transformed into performances presented in galleries, old factories and other non-theatre venues. U/LOI produced::PK: (Łódź of Four Cultures, 2009), Brith out (premiered at the CROSSROADS International Meeting of Live Arts in Warsaw as part of the Resonance project, 2009)and improv of 3/free styles (Re:visions Independent Art Invasion, Warsaw, 2007)among other pieces. Joanna Szymajda, current deputy director of the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw, cooperated with the group as a dramaturge.


The group also delivered creative workshops and master classes as well as courses in different dance and movement techniques.  


The group consisted of:

Karolina Wołkowiecka, Ramona Nagabczyńska, Filip Szatarski, Joanna Szymajda, Kaya Kołodziejczyk, Karol Tymiński, Igor Koruga, Daniel Radtke, Łukasz Strzelczyk, Mariusz Marciniak, Radosław Grzanka, Daria Kopiec, Monika Kotecka, Yosuke Demu, Lech Rowiński, Marta Rowińska, Herman Venderickx, Helena Gołąb, Erica Trivett, SARO, DJ Ko Umehara, Magda Reiter, Katarzyna Chmielewska, Anna Sąsiadek, Anna Steller, Adrina Koszewski, Ilona Gumowska, Kamil Wawrzuta, Katarzyna Sikora, Maciej Beczek, Aleksandra Borys, Michał Czyż, Pola Tyszowiecka, Maldoror.


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