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Vagabond Physical Collective

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Vagabond Physical Collective an informal artistic collective created in June 2018 by the graduates and students of the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom, AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow. The clash of six creative energies of young actors-dancers seeking their language, who are working internationally with great commitment. Privately friends with similar views on art, striving to build the possibility of creative implementation of their own projects. Interested in everyday issues that affect everyone. In the created stage situations, they contain universal stories with which the viewer can identify.

Founders of the Vagabond Physical Collective: Monika Witkowska, Wiktoria Zawadzka, Omar Karabulut, Oscar Mafa, Jarosław Mysona, Paweł Urbanowicz.

Currently, the Vagabond Physical Collective is composed of: Karolina Januszek, Monika Witkowska, Omar Karabulut, Oscar Mafa, Jarosław Mysona and Paweł Urbanowicz.

Currently, the collective includes: Karolina Januszek, Monika Witkowska, Omar Karabulut, Oscar Mafa, Jarosław Mysona and Paweł Urbanowicz.

On a daily basis, the collective cooperates with the lighting director Paweł Murlik and producer Agnieszka Czichy.

The premiere of the first performance by the Vagabond Physical Collective entitled Lorem Ipsum took place in September 2018 on the stage of ROZBARK Dance and Movement Theatre in Bytom. Since then, the performance has been well received and recognised, among others it was chosen in the preselection for the Polish Dance Platform 2019, as well as for the Stage for Dance 2019 programme run by the Institute of Music and Dance, it was also selected for the final of the 2nd edition of The Best OFF competition for the best Polish independent theatre performance and received funding within the prestigious THEATRE POLAND programme organised by the Polish Theatre Institute, the internet portal and NietakT Inne Strony Teatru theatre magazine, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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