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Zdjęcie: Natalia „Sarna” Kladziwa

Natalia „Sarna” Kladziwa. Fot. Aksinya Semyanihina

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Natalia “Sarna” Kladziwa graduated from the M.M. Szewczenko Private Ballet School in Gliwice and the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz (Austria). She is currently a student at the Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź.

Natalia has danced with a number of companies, including Teatr Wyobraźni and Ślunski Azyl (both based in Zabrze), the Łódź-based KIJO group (with whom she worked under the KISZ project), the Anna Achimowicz Dance Company (with whom she appeared in L’architecture du corps in Vienna), Cosovel (Zandari festa and Mu:con in Seoul), and Marcin Mroziński’s Art Movement. She also appeared in Anton Lachky’s Speede Puzzle at the One Small Step Festival in Corfu, where she performed as part of a scholarship. She is currently featured in Tomasz Ciesielski’s Karaoke and Oddysey.

Natalia is also the author of choreography for Kto nie ma nic, ten może wszystko [(S)he who has nothing, can do anything] by the student collective of the Faculty of Drama Directing at the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow. She is the founder and choreographer of the Zokinazoli group (with whom she has staged Parówki rosną na drzewach [Sausages grow on trees]). She has organized over 50 dance workshops and 3 dance camps Wzloty.

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