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Zdjęcie: Bożena Zezula

Men's Dance: Tamashi, chor. Wojciech Misiuro. Fot. z archiwum Opery Bałtyckiej.

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Bożena „Zezula” Krypel – dancer, actress, choreographer, singer. She took contemporary dance and body awareness classes from Leszek Bzdyl, Imre Thorman, Melissa Monteros, Wojciech Mochniej, Charlotte Vincent, Tero Saarinen, Martin Kilvada, Grzegorz Bral, Andrzej Moguczy, Chiharu Mamiya and Jan Peszek. In 1994–2000 she was an actress at Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre. She played in performances including Pavane in honour of love and Wapiti versus the rest of the World – both produced by Bzdyl and Chmielewska’s group at Miejski (City) Theatre in Gdynia. In 2000, together with Milena Rewińska and Tomasz Lipski she founded LipZezRew group, which has produced two performances to date. Since 2005 she has been an actress at Krzysztof Dziemaszkiewicz’s Patrz Mi Na Usta Theatre in Sopot. She took part in Varieted CameLeon and Rose Mountain (Sfinks club, Sopot).

As an independent dancer, she took part in Quad. Version 6 by Teatr Okazjonalny (currently: Sopot Dance Theatre). In 1997–2008 she collaborated with theWitold Gombrowicz Miejski Theatre in Gdynia. She took part in performances of Julia Wernio, Mirosław Kocur and Adam Ferency. As an assistant choreographer, she worked twice with Jerzy Bielunas (101 Dalmatians, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz). In 2005 she organized Cultural Meeting “Zarzuella Invites” in Promotional Music Club Burdl. She gave dance classes in Burdl club, as well as in Artus Court. She has participated in numerous festivals in Poland and abroad, including International Contemporary Dance Festival in Kalisz, Dance Festival Explosive in Bremen, U Passages in Nancy (France) and Baltic University of Dance (Gdańsk). She collaborated with Mordy music band; she featured in albums Antrology, Of Fruit and Zapiski ze strychu. In 1997–2000 she sang in Cantores Minores Gedanenses choir, founded and directed by Professor Joachim Grudel and Kapela Mariacka directed by Joanna Orzeł and Professor Bogusław Grabowski.





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