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Zdjęcie: Ewelina Guzik

Fot. Raphael Zubler.

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Ewelina Guzik– dancer, choreographer. In 1991–1996 she danced in Experimental Dance Studio EST in Kraków managed by Iwona Olszowska. In 1999 she graduated from the contemporary dance school P.A.R.T.S. of Anna Theresa De Keersmaeker in Brussel. Since 2002 she has lived in Zurich. As a dancer and actor she worked in Beglium, Austria and Swizterland. She co-operates with such artists as Pipilotti Rist, Charlotte Vanden Eynde, Sabine Hausherr, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Milli Bitterli, Sandra Schöll, Christa Heinzer, Nic Tillein and Anna Burgi, Manuela Imperatori, Phil Hayes Michel Schröder.

In 2000 she won DanceWeb scholarship in Vienna. Since 2005 she regularly works with Pipilotti Rist as a dancer and choreographer. In 2010 she carried out an interdisciplinary project Polish girls rule the worldtogether with Kaya Kołodziejczyk in Warsaw (Heppen Transfer).

Fot. Raphael Zubler.
Fot. Raphael Zubler.





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