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Zdjęcie: Janusz Skubaczkowski

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Janusz Skubaczkowski – dancer and teacher living in Cracow.

As in case of other main representatives of Cracow dance in a time of transformation in Poland, his career started in the 80’s at a student dance theatre “Kontrast” of Jacek Tomasik. He participated in workshops of such teachers as Assane Konte, Martin Sonderkamp, Peter Pleyer, Conrad Drzewiecki or Melissa Monteros.

In 1995–2000 he was a dancer of the Silesian Dance Theatre. His first premiere in Bytom was Takie nic choreographed by Jacek Łumiński; he also took part in his other performances as well as in performances of Henrietta Horn, Sam Costa and in reconstructed choreographies of Pola Nireńska and Conrad Drzewiecki.

He is an active teacher. In the late 90’s he also engaged in yoga and he incorporated some of its elements (Iyengar’s technique) into his own method of work. For several years he gave classes in the Community Centre “Krakowiacy”; there, he worked, among others, with members of the former Hoplaa group which at that time oparted in the Centre: Barbara Bujakowska, Dominika Knapik and others. In 1999 and 2000 she was a teacher of the Ballet School in Bytom. Since 2006 he has been a lecturer at the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Cracow, and of the Faculty of Dance Theatre in Bytom since its inception. For year he has also been a teacher of the International Contemporary Dance Conference in Bytom.





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