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Zdjęcie: Sławek  Bendrat

Pinku chirashi. Fot. z materiałów artysty.

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Sławek Bendrat – dancer, choreographer, director. He studied ballet pedagogy at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. He is also a graduate of the Secondary Ballet School in Poznań. For many years he cooperated with the Ewa Wycichowska’s Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań, where he took part in numerous premieres in Poland and all over the world (2000–2004: Virpi Pahkinnen, Ewa Wycichowska, Yossi Berg, Iwona Pasińska). After leaving Poland, for one year he worked in Germany in the theatre in Nordhausen (Jutta Woerne, Renato Jones), and then for two years in Luzerner Theatre in Switzerland as a dancer and choreographer (cooperation with such artists as: Verena Weiss, Koffie Koko, Anna Sokolov, Serge Campardon).

In Switzerland, he also cooperated with Klein Theatre in Luzern and SIWC (Schweizerisches Internationaler Weiterbildungskurs in Choreographie in Zurich) in Zurich (with Reinhild Hoffmann, Philipe Saire, Susanne Linke, Ginette Laurin). For the next two years he worked at the National Ballet in Marseille (Ballet National de Marseille) directed by Frederic Flamand, where apart from the roles of its ongoing repertoire he created his own choreography Le Manque, and he worked with such artists as: Nacho Duato, Yasu Endo, Lucinda Childs.

In summer 2008, he produced a movie ID together with Dominik Krawiecki. In 2010, he was awarded for the solo Pinku chirashi in the Baltic Movement Contest for solo choreography being a part of the 1st Gdańsk Dance Festival. In the next year, in Bern he founded Pink Mama Theatre group composed of: Sławek Bendrat, Dominik Krawiecki, Simon Reimold, Angelika Rohrer. The group’s performances are interdisciplinary; it treats dance, singing, text as equal. Currently, Bendrat performs in Escort and Afterparty by PMT and a solo Pinku chiraschi. In Poland, Bendrat together with Pink Mama Theatre performs regularly in Wrocław, thanks to performance and dance initiatives/reviews organized by Adam Kamiński.

In Switzerland, he works also as a dance teacher and as a dancer he cooperates with Bernballet.

Fot. z archiwum artysty.
Fot. z archiwum artysty.
Pinku chirashi. Fot. z materiałów artysty.
Pinku chirashi. Fot. z materiałów artysty.





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