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Afterparty. Phot. Monika Chmielarz.

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Pink Mama Theatre is an independent theatre founded by Sławek Bendrat and Dominik Krawiecki in March 2011. Bendrat is a dancer and choreographer, while Krawiecki – actor and director. Their joint search for the queer in theatre began with the staging of Gier at Luzerner Theater in 2007. Next, in Marseille, they produced an experimental 45-minute film Id, in which movement played a major role. The pair’s subsequent productions include, made in Bern and drawing inspiration from the work of Marina Abramovic, as well as Bendrat’s solo – Pinku chirashi. As Pink Mama Theatre, they produced: Escort (premiered in 2011), Afterparty (2012), Ariel, or Swinger’s Planets (2012), Freaks (2013). In Poland the ensemble performed in Gdańsk (Gdańsk Dance Theatre), Lublin (Maat Festival), Kraków and Wrocław (Wibracje taneczne/Dance Vibrations, Mandala Performance Festival, Atuty Tańca/Dance Assets – as part of the Institute of Music and Dance’s programme Stage for Dance).

Standing firmly by their own concepts and views, the founders of Pink Mama Theatre were offered residency at Bern’s Dampfzentrale, one of Switzerland’s top dance centres. The residency began in May 2013 making Bern the theatre’s seat in the 2013/2014 season. In the nearest future, the theatre will hold the first edition of a queer theatre festival Pink Mama Festival (November 2013), to gather a range of European artists, as well as stage a new production in March 2014. Both projects are produced in close association with the Dampfzentrale.

“Carnality, sexuality and gender are the primary subjects of our work, while the human emotionality and desires become the main aim of our artistic explorations.

As regards form, we feel affinity with conceptual art. This means in particular the idea of creating abstract images and cutting down as much as possible on the typical flow of action. Using specific tools of non-literal presentation of the dramatic reality makes the viewer focus on the character’s emotionality and moves the plot to the background.

What we wanted was to become an interface between performative and visual arts.

Our intention is to produce shows verging on dramatic theatre and dance theatre, and consequently – fusing different means of theatrical expression. The main idea is to treat all forms of theatre (dramatic theatre, dance theatre, music theatre, etc.) equally and try to reconcile them. What we mean is to bring together independent artists and put them on an equal footing, so that each one’s work becomes an element of a whole.

Our theatre embraces artists from different parts of Europe (Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy). This makes Pink Mama Theatre a common platform for theatrical traditions originating both in Eastern and Western Europe. Searching into our own roots and the clash of these two cultures is what pushes our language, style and expression forward.”

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