People of dance

Zdjęcie: Wojciech Klimczyk

3-DANCE, Basia Bujakowska & Marcin Janus. Fot. Marta Ankiersztejn.

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Wojciech Klimczyk – He graduated in sociology from the Jagiellonian University; he also studied directing at the State School of Drama (PWST) in Cracow. He earned his PhD in sociology with a thesis on creating process of André Gingras with whom he collaborated as a dramatist while in the Netherlands. Author of Postmodern eroticism (”Erotyzm ponowoczesny”, Universitas, Kraków 2008) and Prophets of Body. A panorama of contemporary dance theatre (“Wizjonerzy ciała. Panorama współczesnego teatu tańca”, Ha!art, Kraków 2010) a vast compendium of contemporary dance. He is a lecturer at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (Comparative Civilisation Studies).

In 2007 he founded, together with Dominika Knapik, Harakiri Farmers – an open group combining theatre, dance and performance. Their first production was Keret – the project won the competition “Nowe Sytuacje” at the international theatre festival MALTA in Poznań (2008). The group collaborated, among others, with Kenneth Flak (The Fork, 2010) and Ana Brzezińska (We are oh so Lucky). Their intellectual and ironic performances are marked by a “discursive” attitude towards dance – its presence in the context of other modes of expression, originating from various fields of art, politics or mass culture in its broad sense.

In 2011 Moscow had its premiere – a performance directed by Klimczyk, an abstractive presentation which explores relations between dance and music – a piece of Morton Feldman performed live by a pianist. Currently, Wojciech Klimczyk works on interpretation of Three sisters





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