Harakiri Farmers

Zdjęcie: Harakiri Farmers

Beat Hotel. Photo: Macieju Kaczyński.

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Harakiri Farmers – an art group founded by Dominika Knapik and Wojtek Klimczyk. By definition, a bottom-up initiative aimed at creating a platform for dialogue between artists of different types. It has no leader, home or regular funding. The first Farmers’ theatre project in the swimming pool, entitled Keret based on short novels by Edgar Keret, won the competition “Nowe Sytuacje” at the 2008 Malta Festival. Beat Hotel was their second project, presented by the duo in Korzo Theater, The Hague, and at the 2010 Oktoberdans in Bergen.The next performance, We are oh so Lucky was produced in collaboration with Ana Brzezińska and was presented in Nowy (New) Theatre, Warsaw, Wibracje Tanceczne, Wrocław, 2010 Polish Dance Platform, Poznań, Polish Express, Hebbel AM Uffer, Berlin, East Gate Europe festival, Aarhus and 2011 Reminescencje, Cracow. The next group production was The Fork, created together with Norwegian choreographer and dancer Kenneth Flak and French musician and composer, Chazam. For this production the group was renamed [MINUS 20]. The French premiere took place in the Globe Theatre in Bordeaux, while the Polish one was held in Wrocław at the Avant Art festival.

In 2011 Moscow, a minimalist duo, of dancer and pianist for Morton Feldman’s music, was created. Also in 2011, the premiere of Sisters, produced in collaboration with Sanja Hasagic-Meier, Kirstine Ilum and David Chazam (on Tanzhaus Dusseldorf and Zagreb Student Center residence programmes) took place.

Currently Harakiri are working on a dance film V and run SZTRUKS for Humanistic Initiatives in Arts.

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