Body/Mind International Contemporary Dance Festival

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The Body/Mind festival (since 1995) consists of dance and conceptual performances as well as projects combining dance and performance. Every year, the line up is organized using a motto and leading motive: the 2010 edition was dedicated to corporeality in dance andsite specificprojects; at another edition, works of Polish artists living abroad (including Magdalena Chowaniec, Helena Gołąb) were presented. The Festival (together with the Foundation) is also engaged in production and co-production of Polish performances created in collaboration with foreign artists. The festival has taken place in theatre and club spaces (most recently the National Theatre, Polski (Polish) Theatre, Centralny Basen Artystyczny, IMKA Theatre, Brave New World, Koneser Vodka Factory and others). In 2005, Polish audience had the opportunity to see for the first time Sasha Waltz & Guests (Berlin) with their performance ofKörper, which took place in the Grand Theatre.



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