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Burdąg Foundation was launched by Marysia Stokłosa, president of the Foundation. It supports experiments, innovative productions and educational projects in the field of contemporary dance, new dance, performance and interdisciplinary art activities. Its aim is to develop and promote these forms of art and new ideas related to them. Burdąg Foundation wants to reduce distance between Polands and the world’s dance scenes, allowing choreographers, dancers and other artists from various countries to collaborate on international artistic and educational projects. The Foundation runs a centre for creative work Burdąg in the Masuria region.


The Foundation, by providing spaces of the centre for work and concentration, has assisted many groups, such as Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre and Bretoncaffe Theatre in creating their dance performances.


Members of the Foundation


Marysia Stokłosa the president of the Board of the Burdąg Foundation, dancer and choreographer. She graduated from the Faculty of Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School (19982001) and from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (20032007) with a choreography diploma. She worked in Berlin with Jeremy Wade. Currently she lives and works in Warsaw.


Olga Stokłosa (member of the Board) graduated from the Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw and the Actor Studio in Cracow. In the 1970s she cooperated with the STU Theatre in Cracow, in the 1980s with the Janusz Wiśniewski Theatre. She has contributed as an actor and director to various Polish and foreign works.


Janusz Stokłosa composer, pianist, publisher, producer, pilot, president of the Buffo Studio, the first Polish private musical theatre. He is an author of more than 150 theatre and film scores. Pioneer of the Polish musical: Metro, Peter Pan, Romeo and Juliet, Panna Tutli Putli.


Office manager, project coordinator:

Alesandra Zdunek


+48 606-706-208




Dominik Skrzypkowski



+48 792793317 


President of the Foundation:

Maria Stokłosa

+48 501024506



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