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DF Dance Theatre – Existing for over twenty years, Cracow DF Dance Theatre is one of the oldest dance theatres in Poland. It was founded by Katarzyna Skawińska and Mariola Kleczkowska. Through its choreographies and educational programmes, the theatre actively promotes the art of dance among various audiences. Katarzyna Skawińska – choreographer and art director of the theatre – is a well-known and highly-regarded teacher in numerous dance centres in Poland. For many years, being consistent, she has created a characteristic style of theatre, taking care of its high artistic and educational profile.

The final effect of every performance, is created by movement, emotions, music and visual setting. Choreographies refer mainly to people’s emotional sphere. The topics raised by the theatre are universal. They stimulate sight, hearing, and, last but not least, the emotions of the audience. The group is engaged in organization of cultural (theatre, photography, film and other) events. Their artistic offer is also addressed to the youngest audience. In 2008 the Dworek Białoprądnicki Culture Centre became patron of DF Dance Theatre.


Last year, the theatre launched the dance and theatre project Planeta Taniec (Planet Dance) aimed at the youngest audience. The project will close with a performance, featuring children (6–9 years) as participants and adult dancers. Planeta Taniec has been created since September 2011 in the Dworek Białoprądnicki Culture Centre in Cracow. The premiere of the final performance will take place on 10 June this year.



Theatre’s base:

Dworek Białoprądnicki Culture Centre

Zajazd Kościuszkowski

ul. Białoprądnicka 3

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