Mandala Performance Festival

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Mandala Performance Festival

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The aim of the project, whose curator is Adam Kamiński, is a multi-layered presentation of contemporary dance and performance art. The festival has taken place in Wrocław each year since 2005 (in the beginning – in alternative and club spaces, at present mainly in IMPART Centre of Arts).


A key element of the line-up is a variety of art propositions and their educational aspect. Organizers of the Mandala festival want to familiarize the audience with various forms of contemporary art, stimulate discussion and create a platform for exchange of experiences. Performances presented at the festival invite thinking about important contemporary issues, and attempt to determine and explore new horizons of art. Movement, dance and the issue of corporeality are all important areas of interest for the festival’s artists. During the festival, dance is always open to be combined with other fields of art, and the performances often are interdisciplinary, combining dance and performance. The Festival’s programme is designed to reflect current methods of work and development trends in both fields.


Mandala focuses on the creative process and its relations to present day changes. The issue of the future and development of dance and performance in relation to other fields of art is also raised.


During its six years, around 90 artists from 15 countries, such as Poland, USA, Germany, Belarus, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Slovenia, France, the UK and Canada, have taken part in Mandala Performance Festival. These artists include: Sharon Feder, Joan Laage, Miho Iwata, Minako Seki, Ryuzo Fukuhara, Arkadi Zaides, Kenneth Flak, Delgado Fuchs, Su-En, Slava Inozemcev, Limen Theatre, Dada Von Bzdülöw, Arka Dance Theatre, Patrz Mi Na Usta Theatre, Okazjonalny Theatre, Yoshiko Kinohita, Sławek Bendrat, Oijn Tsutomu Yoshida, Janusz Orlik, Anita Wach, Barbara Bujakowska, Dominika Knapik, Harakiri Farmers.


Since 2010, the main organizer of the festival has been IMPART Centre of Arts.



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