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Zdjęcie: Adam Kamiński

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Adam Kamiński – curator, culture promoter, art therapist.

Curator of Mandala Performance Festival in Wrocław. He has combined visual arts and dance. Since the first edition of the Festival – organized by Galeria Miejska in Wrocław – he has put current Polish dance together with traditional performance artem, confronting in this way “performing arts” with “art of performance”. He is also the curator for a large-scale programme of regular contemporary dance presentations at the Centre for Art IMPART in which he presented performances of Harakiri Farmers, Maat Project Theatre, Irena Lipińska, Izabela Chlewińska or Rafał Urbacki, but also of the Polish Dance Theatre or Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre.

He was a member of the Artistic Board of the Polish Dance Platform in 2008. Recently – the curator of a pilot education programme of the Institute of Music and Dance “Thought in motion.”

President of ARTATUT Art and Education Association. Since 1997 he has run his own theatre group and workshops for mentally disabled children and youth, using drama as a method.

Fot. z archiwum prywatnego.





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