Wibracje Taneczne

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The Lower Silesian most important and one of the Polish most important programmes, presenting contemporary dance art, led from the outset by Adam Kamiński.


Wibracje Taneczne (Dance Vibrations) was created as a block of the Wrocław Non Stop festival in June 2007. During the first, four-day edition, the audience had the opportunity to see such performances as: Obcojęzyczność (Towarzystwo Gimnastyczne from Poznań), Several witty observations (Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre), performances by Wrocław artists of Arka Dance Theatre and Niezależna Manufaktura Taneczna as well as from Belarus (InZehst). The performances took place in Polski (Polish) Theatre/ Świebodzki Stage. The programme included dance workshops.


After a two year break, in December 2009 Wibracje Taneczne was restored as regular programme, presenting contemporary dance in Impart Centre of Arts, Wrocław. A re-activated project was inaugurated with the premiere of Harakiri Farmers’ performance We are oh so Lucky (directed by Ana Brzezińska).


Since then, the Wrocław stage has hosted performances of well-known artists and those representing a new generation of Polish dance. The presentations included works by Tomasz Bazan (Maat Theatre), the Polish Dance Theatre – Poznań Ballet, Irena Lipińska, Maria Stokłosa, Aleksandra Borys, Rafał Urbacki, Izabela Chlewińska, and from foreign artists—Arkadi Zaides.



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