Warsaw Flow Poland Contact Improvisation Festival

Zdjęcie: Warsaw Flow  Poland Contact Improvisation Festival

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“Warsaw Flow” – Poland Contact Improvisation Festival, coordinated by Paulina Święcańska, Anna Wyganowska, Małgorzata Pianowska and Małgorzata Kołoda,is the newest dance event in Warsaw. It also runs to a different format, focusing on an active participation in workshops rather than on passive audiences. Contact Improvisation Festival brings together recognized IC teachers from Poland and abroad (Ray Chung, Milan Kozanek, Iwona Olszowska, Renata Piotrowska and others) with beginners and advanced dancers. The multi-day festival offers a daily schedule of workshops (of different levels of intensity), jams and joint improvisations by Masters. The first festival had its final improvisation with participants and teachers, which transformed into an open jam for everyone. “Warsaw Flow” took place in CBA (Centralny Basen Artystyczny).



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