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Joanna Woźna

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Zdjęcie: Joanna Woźna

Joanna Woźna. Photo: Anna Zglenicka

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Joanna Woźna – she started her dance adventure with hip-hop. Then she joined Katarzyna Grabińska, an instructor, choreographer, and founder of the Pryzmat Dance Company in Olsztyn. In the company she was an instructor and member of a repertoire group. Together with the Pryzmat, she has participated in many projects and performances, including: operas Hansel and Gretel and Amahl and Night Guests at the Warmian-Masurian Philharmonic in Olsztyn, performance WAR-iacja in the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn, The best of Queen show – A night at the Planetarium project, The Selfies performance at the Altofest Festival in Naples. In 2017, she moved to Gdańsk, where she met Anna Zglenicka, Natalia Murawska and Magdalena Kowala, and she began to create with them joint projects in the Dance Studio Znak. At that time, they created the performance Hopeless Portraits directed by Natalia Murawska, which won the best performance during the Festival of Alternative Dance Theatres “Open Your Eyes” for direction and for the best stage creation for Joanna Woźna and Anna Zglenicka. In 2018, the dancers founded their own independent company Hertz Haus, whose main performances are Her(t)z and Unbody.

In 2019, she was a dancer in Anna Piotrowska’s performance Solo for 4 Helmets and Lost Time. At the same time, together with Magdalena Kowala, she created the duo 102 and a Half, which won the main prize and the audience prize at the SzólóDuó 2020 Festival in Budapest in 2019 and the first place at the MY MOVE 2020 Choreographic Competition in Tarnów.

She has gained her dance experience through regular classes and workshops with educators and companies such as Anna Piotrowska, Helder Seabra, Akira Yoshida, Natalia Iwaniec, Yasmeen Godder, members of Batsheva Dance Company, Vertigo Dance Company, and many others.

Among dance techniques she is particularly interested in: Floor Work, Animal Flow, Contact Improvisation and Weight Work with acrobatic elements.

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