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Hertz Haus – an informal art collective founded in 2019 consisting of: Magdalena Kowala, Natalia Murawska, Joanna Woźna and Anna Zglenicka. The artists consequently develop their own aesthetics using contemporary dance, physical dance, improvisation, and performance art with the aim of creating their own movement language. The members of Hertz Haus come from different backgrounds but share a common approach to theatre and dance.

Hertz Haus dancers met at Znak Theatre in 2016 and began their collaboration. They started working together as Pracownia Tańca Teatru Znak, whose founder was Natalia Murawska. The performance Her(t)z (2018), realised at Club Żak in Gdańsk within the framework of the Gdańsk Dance Festival, marked the beginning of their collective work under the label of Hertz Haus. Since then, they have been creating in their current line-up.

The company’s productions include:

Her(t)z, 2018; choreography and performance: Hertz Haus.

102 and a Half, 2019; choreography and performance: Magdalena Kowala and Joanna Woźna. The duo won the first place and the audience award at the competition “SzólóDuó 2020” in Budapest and the first place at the choreography competition “MY MOVE 2020” in Tarnów.

Solo for 4 Helmets and Lost Time, 2019; direction, choreography, and concept: Anna Piotrowska; performance: Hertz Haus.

Unbody, 2020; realised as part of the Residency/Premiere programme of the Gdańsk Dance Festival; choreography and performance: Hertz Haus.

Hopeless Portraits – a Internet-streamed performance, 2020; co-funded by the National Centre for Culture as part of the Culture Online programme.

The company resides in Zakład Kulturalny in Gdańsk, founded by its owner Natalia Murawska. Zakład Kulturalny is a place for creative work and artistic initiatives in various fields of art.

In 2019, the dancers founded the Daughters of Culture Association, whose mission is to bring the idea of dance to a diverse audience, create a repertoire and an artistic and educational programme. The main objective of the association is the promotion and development of artistic creation with special emphasis on contemporary dance, theatre, dance theatre, performing and visual arts. The Association’s goal is to support activities aimed at creating a platform for cooperation and exchange of experiences between professionals and representatives of different artistic disciplines, including theatre, dance, music, visual arts, literature, performance, humanities and social sciences, and to be active in the field of broadly understood artistic and cultural education.

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