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Natalia Murawska

  • choreographer
  • pedagogue
  • dancer
Zdjęcie: Natalia Murawska

Natalia Murawska. Photo: Anna Zglenicka

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Natalia Murawska – is a dancer, choreographer, instructor of contemporary dance and jazz dance, director, artistic director of the Zakład Kulturalny in Gdańsk and member of the dance collective Hertz Haus. She is a graduate of Mazovia Academy of Theatre and Dance in Warsaw (major: jazz dance). She trained with such artists as Rick Odums, Thierry Vergier, Stacy Boeddecker, Eric Bacon, Partycja Rotondaro, Anna Piotrowska, Sylwia Hefczyńska-Lewandowska, Leszek Bzdyl, Paulina Wycichowska, Wojciech Michno, Iwona Olszowska, Witold Jurewicz, Natalia Iwaniec, Karolina Kroczak, Wojciech Warszawski, Aneta Bułka and others.

In 2017, she participated in summer intensive workshops in Portugal where she had the pleasure to work with educators including Rakesh Sukesh, Inaki Azpillaga, Chloe Beillevaire, Dmitry Szypura, Peter Jasko, Mate Meszaros, Jos Baker, Isael Cruz Mata, Ted Stoffer, Ricardo Ambrozio, Tomistav English, Manuel Ronda, Luke Jessop.

In 2009, she became a member of the Ełk Dance Theatre ensemble where she performed in shows such as Topicha, Sentimental Journey, Musicals, Musicals and West Side Story. From 2012 to 2019 she was associated with Znak Theatre in Gdańsk, where she performed in such productions as Mother Joan of the Angels, Odyssey, Fracaso, Birds of Aristophanes, Pan Twardowski. As a co-founder of Znak Dance Theatre Studio, she has also directed three original performances: Larwy, My_szy, Hopeless Portraits (prize for direction and prizes for the best stage design for Anna Zglenicka and Joanna Woźna during the Festival of Alternative Dance Theatres Open Your Eyes in Słupsk).

In 2018, she also danced as a guest in Kino Variatino Theatre’s performance entitled Revoco directed by Anna Haracz.

In 2019, she opened the Zakład Kulturalny in Gdańsk – a meeting place and a site of exchange, a stage for artists and a space for artistic education.

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