Zakład Kulturalny

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Zakład Kulturalny

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Zakład Kulturalny – is a private art venue, which is a place for creative work, an open stage for artists and a space for artistic education. The main idea of the place is to support independent artists, thus encouraging creative activity of individuals, providing tools for independent development of skills and self-awareness, and creating conditions for individual exploration and implementation of art projects.

The facility, established in 2019 in a former industrial hall building, consists of a theatre hall with stage equipment (lighting, sound system, ballet floor, mirrors), two smaller studios: music and art, and a foyer (approximately 500 m2 in total). Zakład Kulturalny carries out activities related to the staging of performances, concerts, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, as well as training in the following fields: contemporary dance, theatre, dance theatre, drawing, painting, singing, art history.



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